Well after many many years, the site we have been always talking about and promising you has finally arrived. I hope everybody agrees that it was worth the wait. It took a lot of work and a lot of effort was out forth by quite a few individuals to get to this point. And by that, I am primarily talking about a dealer site that is not the norm, not typical, not the same as everybody else's'. Our business is sort of unique in amongst the ever interesting auto biz and we wanted a website that reflected that. We hope you like it.

I would like to take this opportunity to quickly thank those involved in the making of this site. Thanks very much to: Simon Hardy - believe or not this new site is heavily based on the old teparolin.ca site , a site which Simon built from scratch. Now in its ultimate form it does justice to Simon's hard work. Ray Brand - Raymond Brand is a fantastic graphic designer, and he is local to North Bay, I strongly recommend his services, he has helped on a lot of things with our business and a lot of the content looks the way it does because of Ray. Google "raymond brand north bay" to get him working with you. Clark marketing - the team over at Clark brought my vision of what our site should look like to reality. Tina, Zack and Chris have put up with me and put out a very good product as a result. They have perfectly provided what I was after in a all new site. I also recommend their services for your marketing needs. Don Lord- Don essentially helped get this whole thing rolling last summer through the BEAM program, available in North Bay, google it, its a great program (regarding that thanks to Susan Church). I would be lost and would not have a lovely new site if not for those people, a big thanks again!

Now that the thank you's are neatly taken care of a quick couple of notes are in order. 

- this is in fact the "blog" for the sales section of parolin.com, look out for a lot of posts here regarding all things European auto. Sometimes fresh articles will be here ( I have a few in the works) sometimes something neat to check out on the web. Please keep posted, we hope to put some really neat stuff on this part of the site. Also keep in mind there is a separate blog for the service section , under "news" in the service subsection. Some equally neat stuff, but more related to the repair and service side of our business.

- please check out the vintage commercial in the history section of the site ( also please see pic/slide # 1 below). its priceless.

- the history section also includes a chronological photo essay that follows the expansion of our business going back to its roots on 1985. (pic/slide #2)  That's right, in 2015 Terry will celebrate 30 years in the European car business. Impressive. 

- DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, check out the articles I have written (see pic/slide #3). I have heard a lot of misconceptions about owning these cars over the years, I got really sick of them so I decided to throw down some numbers to back up what we have been saying for a long time. These three are the first three I have completed, I have 3 more in the works with some really neat ways of looking at leasing, reliability/dependibiliy, and extended warranties. Please stay tuned for those, but please enjoy the first 3 I have done for now (don't forget to tell your friends about them too!)

thanks for reading 

jayme parolin